Residential Primary Search & Ground Ladders
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Residential Primary Search & Ground Ladders

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On Saturday Nov. 10 we will be leading an entire day of Hands On Training focusing on the residential primary search and ground ladders. Students will rotate between multiple stations each designed to include a level of reality rarely seen on the training ground. 

Residential Primary Search: The primary search station will include 2 rooms set up as both a living room and bedrooms. Unlike other hands on courses, we will provide you with a simulated search area set up to mimic a real residential area. This means the rooms are furnished with real household items to give the student as close to the real contextual environment. They are complete with the small details of a typical Single Family Dwelling to include; carpet, furniture, and real beds with bedding. Students will get the chance to perform multiple searches of each room performing as a single searcher and 2 and 3 person search teams. Students will be provided with immediate feedback as their searches will be recorded and played back for their review. Just as a professional athlete breaks down and analyzes game film to further their skills so will we.

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Vent, Enter, Isolate & Search: Inside LVFC's apparatus bay is a training area designed to be used for ladder skills. This offers an incredible opportunity for students to get hands on experience practicing VEIS. This station will start with a review of basic single and 2 person ladder carries and throws. We will also teach a low profile entry technique for entering a structure through a window in order to check for a victim below the window with your hands, not a tool. Students will then move into full VEIS scenarios into a mock bedroom complete with a doorway to the hall to use to compartment yourself from any progressing conditions. The room behind the windows will be a fully furnished bedroom with all of the real world details. 


While forcible entry will not be a main stay of this event we will have a FE door prop on site for students to practice on during their down time.

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