He is an Adjunct Instructor for the Commonwealth of Virginia, teaches both for his department and the region on leadership and tactical fieldcraft, and coordinates multiple training opportunities for aspiring and incumbent officers.  He is part of the founding team of the Northern Virginia Fire & Rescue Leadership Institute, a presenter at FDIC, Firehouse Expo and FRI among others, and published in industry magazines.  He is also an adjunct instructor for Adapt & Overcome Training and on the Executive Advisory Board for Coastal Fire Training.  He dislikes long walks on the beach.  The culmination of his time in public service is the keen understanding that in any environment effective training is what leads to effective outcomes.   

Marc S. Davidson

Marc is a thirty-four year public servant with over eight years in the Marine Corps and twenty-seven in fire and rescue.  He served as a volunteer in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Maryland and is a twenty-four year veteran of Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department where he is a Captain.  In Fairfax he spent eighteen years on the line in busy houses as a bucket firefighter, engine and truck driver and as a Truck Officer.  With an earlier assignment to the Training Division as a Basic Training Officer he has recently been assigned back and charged with standing up an Officer Development Training Unit for the Department.